Other Materials


The best way to dispose of paint is to use the paint. If you cannot use the paint, try giving it to someone who can:

  • Theater groups
  • Church groups
  • Shelters for people in need
  • Community organizations

Storage/Disposal of Liquid Paint

When storing paint, make sure lids are on tight. Label the top of each can with the color and date purchased.

Do not pour paint down household drains.
Many of the chemicals in paint will not be treated by sewage treatment systems or septic systems.

Do not throw liquid paint in the trash.
There is always the possibility that the paint will be released from the can. Then the paint could be exposed to certain chemicals and cause spontaneous combustion.

Solidify and then dispose of paint.
Paint is hazardous in its liquid form. If only a small amount of paint is left, simply remove the lid (outside, with good ventilation) and let dry. Then the can may be put out for trash disposal or taken to a recycling location (the can may be recycled with metal cans.) If there is too much liquid paint in the can, then try another drying method:

  1. Get a sturdy cardboard box and fill with clay-based kitty litter, pour the paint onto the kitty litter and let dry. Then dispose of this dried mixture with your trash. Be sure to remove the lid so that the refuse workers can verify that the paint inside the can is solidified.
  2. Some local hardware and paint stores carry a paint solidifier. Simply purchase, follow directions and when paint is dried, put out for trash collection. Be sure to remove the lid so that refuse workers can verify that the paint inside the can is solidified.

Automotive Waste

Crawford County residents can recycle many of the products that they use to maintain their vehicles. Here’s what you can do.


Contact your local tire supply company. Many of them will accept small quantities of used tires for a small fee. Always contact the company in advance before bringing them your used tires.
Cambridge Springs Tire Company – 814-398-4671
Flynn’s Tires – 814-337-2427
Park Avenue Tire – 814-724-6533


Most service stations have the ability to recycle antifreeze. Always call first and expect to pay a disposal fee.
Hi-Tech Recycling – 814-967-5279

Lead-Acid Batteries

Almost all places that sell batteries will accept your old battery. Be sure to call the store first before bringing in your old battery.
Meadville Metal – 814-724-2241

Motor Oil

Call your local service station to determine if they will accept your used oil. Call first and expect to pay a nominal fee.
R.H. Watkin’s Service Center – 814-333-4488

Other Waste

Meadville Metal is happy to accept your used appliances once the Freon has been removed. Please call them to make sure that your appliances will be accepted.
Meadville Metal – 814- 724-2241

Cell Phones

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office uses old, usable cell phones as a way to provide 911 calling for elderly residents within the county. Please call first to be sure that your donation will be accepted.
Crawford County Sheriff’s Office – 814-333-7411


There are many residents within the county that are in need of your used clothes. Be sure that the clothing is in good condition and then call one of the following to make a donation.
Second Chance Thrift Shop, Meadville – 814-337-6880
Second Chance Thrift Shop, Titusville – 814-827-4711
Center for Family Services – 814-337-8450

Eye Glasses

The Meadville Lion’s Club has a collection box at the Meadville Post Office.

Freon Removal

Contact your local appliance repair center to have Freon removed from your appliances.
Nelson’s – 814-724-8903
Fullerton’s – 814-333-8300


There are many families in Crawford County who are in need of furniture for their homes. To donate your gently used furniture, please call CHAPS.
CHAPS – 814-333-2924


Plastic Grocery Bags
If you are unable to reuse the bags that you have, take them back with you to the grocery store and deposit them in their recycling bins.
Giant Eagle – 814-724-1119
Wal-Mart – 814-724-6267

Scrap Metal

Meadville Metal is happy to accept your scrap metal.
Meadville Metal – 814-724-2241

Usable Items

How about this novel idea: list an item that you are willing to exchange for another item on a website.

Crawford County Freecycle http://groups.yahoo.com/group/crawfordfreecycle/