Preparing Recyclables

Recycle Right. Be a Part of the Solution.
Many Crawford County residents are doing the right thing for the environment by recycling. Follow these simple steps to make sure that your recyclables make it to the marketplace.

Aluminum & Tin Cans

  • Cans and Metal Lids, Only
  • Rinse and then Crush to Conserve Space
  • Paint Cans are Acceptable if the Paint has been Completely Dried
  • Include Aerosol Cans if the Contents Have Been Expelled
  • Do Not Include Hub Caps, Chairs, Siding or Foil-Take These to Your Local Scrap Yard (Call First)


  • Corrugated, Only
    What’s Corrugated? Look at the cardboard from its edge. Are there three layers? Two will be flat and the middle layer will have ridges.
  • Boxes Must Be Clean and Free of Food Waste or Oil

Newspapers & Magazines

  • Newspapers Can Be Packaged into Paper Grocery Sacks
  • Glossy Inserts in Newspapers are Acceptable
  • Magazines of All Types are Welcome


  • Clear, Brown or Green Bottles, Jugs, and Glass Jars
  • Rinse and Remove Lids
    *Lids can be recycled with the steel cans
  • The Following items CANNOT Be Recycled:
    Pottery, Window Glass, Kitchen Containers, Ceramics, Mirrors, Light Bulbs, Tableware and Bake Ware

Although plastics are viewed as confusing, they’re really very easy. Ask yourself these questions to see if you plastic bottle is recyclable:

  • Does it Have a #1 or a #2 Stamped On It?
    If Yes, Proceed to the Next Step
    If No, Then the Item is Not Recyclable in Crawford County
  • Is it a Bottle, Jug, or Jar?
    Check the Neck — if the Neck is Smaller than the Bottom; it’s a Bottle
    If Yes, Proceed to the Next Step
    If No, Proceed to a Garbage Can
  • Did it Contain Motor Oil or a Pesticide?
    If Yes, Proceed to a Garbage Can
    If No, It’s Recyclable!
  • Finally, Remove and Dispose of the Lid, Rinse the Container and Recycle it!